Create Your Own Real Estate Year in Review with InfoSparks
MarketStats Newsletter: January Edition

Create Your Own Real Estate Year in Review with InfoSparks

The beginning of a new year is a time to look ahead. Personally, it’s a good time to set new habits and create resolutions. Professionally, it’s a great time to think ahead and create a sound business plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Creating your own real estate year in review with InfoSparks can not only be very beneficial for current and prospective clients, but also for other prospecting purposes and could be part of your overall business plan.

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Tips of the Month:
Ideas for Year-in-Review Posts

Check out our monthly tips on how to take advantage of the MarketStats charts for your everyday needs.

1. Market Yourself

Compare your personal year-over-year percentage changes of new listings, closed sales and median sales price with the same figures for the total market to help measure your success and market yourself. Better yet, if 30 condo properties sold in the ZIP code 29585 and you were responsible for 15 of them, shout that with an online megaphone!

This MarketViewMLS feature may not be available in all markets.

2. Compare Areas by a Single Metric to View Trends

InfoSparks allows you to compare up to four areas by several housing variables and market metrics over a period of several years at once. For example, you could compare sales prices or number of showings per listing for two neighborhoods between 2017 and 2018 to get an idea of area trends for the next year in a matter of seconds.

3. Price Per Square Foot

Price Per Square Foot is a handy metric within InfoSparks that can be used as a clean and simple guide for value assessment. Combine it with a specific geography as well as the property type, construction type and bedroom count variables to further enhance the scope of your findings.

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