Text messaging is the essential way of communicating for today's busy real estate agents. Here are some changes that's coming to the SMS notifications.

Less Messages, More Smiles

Text messaging (SMS) is a convenient way to access showing instructions or get appointment updates. Since instructions can be long, cell phone carriers sometimes split messages into five, six or more separate SMSs, confusing agents and cluttering their phones. Starting this week, agents will begin receiving shorter SMSs from ShowingTime - here's why.

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How Can Short SMS Benefit Agents?

Up-to-Date Showing Instructions

Agents who referred to just their confirmation text message for showing instructions routinely ran into problems with gaining access to the home, caused mainly by the listing representative making last-minute instruction changes. Now, showing agents can easily see the latest instructions by tapping on the URL from within their confirmation text.

Secured Access Details

With long SMS texts, sensitive information such as showing instructions, access details and alarm information would remain on a showing agent’s phone until the agent deleted the text. With this latest update to short SMSs, all sensitive appointment details are accessible only via the included URL sent with confirmation texts. In addition, if the showing agent refers to the link outside of the appointment window, the details of the appointment remain, but the secure instructions, access details and alarm info are hidden.

Single SMS for Each Appointment Confirmation

Many times, a confirmation text to the showing agent would result in five or more individual texts depending on the length of the showing instructions. This update removes this annoyance and leverages the smart link included within the text message to give agents all the info they may need on the fly.

Abbreviation Guide

To make sure appointment notifications are always delivered in a single SMS, new abbreviations of familiar appointment statuses are being used. The below points highlight some of them.

  • RQSTD, as in 1ST SHOW RQSTD, means REQUESTED ( for example, 1st showing requested);
  • RSCDL, as in 2ND SHOW RSCDL, means RESCHEDULED ( 2nd showing rescheduled);
  • CONF, as in 3RD SHOW CONF, means CONFIRMED ( 3rd showing confirmed);
  • DCLND, as in 2ND SHOW DCLND, means DECLINED (1st showing declined);
  • CNCLD, as in 2ND SHOW CNCLD, means CANCELLED (1st showing cancelled);
  • ESCLTD, as in 2ND SHOW ESCLTD, means ESCALATED ( 2nd showing escalated)


1. Who does this primarily affect?

Showing agents in particular. They'll notice the change right away, as we've removed the secure showing instructions and access details from the text message. With the exception of some terminology being abbreviated, sellers and listing agents will not notice much difference.

2. How can showing agents access showing instructions from their text message?

They simply tap on the smart link included with every text, which takes them to a private and secure appointment details page. The most current appointment details, such as showing instructions, access info and listing agent contact details, will be available here.
*NOTE: Secure instructions, access details, and alarm info are not available to the showing agent once their confirmed appointment is over.

3. I show multiple homes daily, is there a better way to get notified and manage my appointments?

Of course! The ShowingTime mobile app provides the same appointment updates by way of mobile push notifications, which are very similar to receiving a text message. The app keeps your appointments neatly organized by date and time. Download it today!

Download The App →

4. As a showing agent, I prefer the long text messages. Can I go back to the old text message format?

We understand that change can be challenging, especially when it affects how you conduct business. Because of this we have made it simple for you to revert back to the old text message format. Simply log into your ShowingTime account via your desktop computer and visit the “My Profile” page. In the “Profile Basics” section, select the “Long/Multi SMS” option.

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