Organize Your Showings By Buyer. Our latest update allows you to add your buyer to a showing.

Organize Your Showings By Buyer

As a real estate agent, keeping your showings organized by buyers just makes sense. Our latest update allows you to add your buyer to a showing for your personal reference only, making it easier to keep track of upcoming and past showings.

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Adding A Buyer Is Easy

When scheduling a showing, just select a buyer from your private client list or quickly add a new one on the fly. Forgot to add your client? You can also add your buyer's name to past showings for more accurate reporting.
Remember that adding your buyers to showings is optional and the step of adding a buyer can always be skipped.

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Privacy Is Our Top Priority

You’re in total control of your clients’ information; their email and phone number are always private, only seen by you and your team. You, of course, have the option to share your buyers' name with the listing agent per appointment.

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1. Am I required to provide buyers' information?

It’s completely optional, but very helpful for reporting purposes and showing management.

2. Who has access to my buyers' information?

Only you and your team have access to your clients' name, contact details, and past showing activity.

3. Why is there an option to share my buyer's name with the Listing Agent?

Some markets require a showing agent to provide their buyers' name to the listing side. In all other markets it is completely optional.

4. Can I see historical showing reports based on a buyer?

Yes. You have access to a whole client management section where you can view upcoming and past showings organized by your buyer.

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